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Sat 12/15/18
The Roadshow Christmas Tour will add a holiday celebration bringing together fans for a night of fun, fellowship, and remembering the reason for the season! Matthew West, Matt Maher, Building 429, Plumb, and Leanna Crawford are on the docket for the first-ever “The Roadshow Christmas” visiting arenas in November and December.
Sat 1/12/19
The Smart Conference will give you the tools you need to Identify the reasons you struggle in key areas of your life. Learn from Dave's expert friends who have helped to inspire millions. Gain the necessary tools and motivation to be intentional about your future.
Wed 3/27/19
WE Day is an unparalleled celebration of young people committed to making a difference. WE Schools is the yearlong program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create change in their local and global communities. Together they offer people the tools and inspiration to take social action, empower others and transform lives – including their own.